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Why you should make an account!

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Why you should make an account! Empty Why you should make an account!

Post by Orange on Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:19 am

Hey everyone I've noticed our Trial Tournament thread has gained some popularity in the community with almost 200 views already in a 2 day time span (100 views a day is unexpected!).

Myself and the Showdown Masters can't wait to test out some of these rules to see how the play out and get some information/feedback on the way we approach creating this upcoming competitive pvp community. With that being said we don't have many accounts on the site other then the staff (With more staff being added shortly). So lets clarify the importance of making your account on the website.

While there is no need to use Battlefy this is just our Bracket Generator and a way for players who want to guarantee a spot in this weeks upcoming tournament. But unlike Battlefy to compete we expect you to have an account here on the website. It's a very short process and I've disabled e-mail notifications as there seems to be a glitch that sometimes says your e-mail has already been registered even though you have no previous accounts on this new website. I'm looking into this. So all you need to do is fill out the registration and then sign in with your new info.

Secondly this is the way I'll be giving out the prize(s) to everyone. Since KI has limit/open chat not everyone may have it. The website is a solidated way to give it to the winners account directly so no confusion in who I message happens, etc. It's the safest, most effective way to give you your code for the crowns.

Finally is supporting the site. We're in the middle of being reviewed by KI to become an official fan site. With 200 views (Being more then the average fan site atm for non-announcement related stuff) we could easily achieve this. Also to gain possible direct support from KI the more people who join the website and are participating in these events may lead to KI directly giving us prizes to use for these events meaning better rewards more commonly.

So overall making an account will only help YOU in the long run and it takes a very short amount of time.

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