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The Buccaneer's Mistakes and Movements

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The Buccaneer's Mistakes and Movements Empty The Buccaneer's Mistakes and Movements

Post by Alphastaire on Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:16 pm

I will be giving a few tips and tricks on PvP for Buccaneers. I am focusing on mistakes and movement in PvP.

Common Mistakes:
The most common mistake for a buccaneer to make is ignoring their opponent's summon's/pet's epics. For example, if you're moving your Peter Quint up to attack, are you going to attack that non-important companion that has nothing in your way or are you going to attack that more important companion where you have to pass a War Golem they summoned along the way? A lot of buccaneers see it as getting the most important companion down, but in the end they just ignore the summons/epics. That War Golem had Hold the Line, so if you chose that route your Pete would be stopped from attacking. I stress the urgency to check your opponent's summon's/pet's epics, as one little mistake can end the game.

Another common mistake is to use your companion's powers in the wrong way. For example, you have your Goronado attack 3 companions (one is low/red health, the others are full health and your Vicious Charge has already been used.) with his AoE because it seems like a good chance to use it. However, that is a bad move as you could've moved next to the red health companion and ONE full health companion, attacked the red health companion, defeat it, and blade storm the full health companion possibly getting off a long combo. Don't think about using your powers for hitting the most companions you can, think about using them for the most damage AND guaranteed kills.

All of the above is important to focus on, but you also need to pay attention to how you move. Can you hit this companion without triggering that other companion's Overwatch 3? Can you defeat this companion without also hitting the other companion? You need to realize how important your positions and movements are. I already mentioned this above, but you need to focus on making SURE a companion is defeated while the other companion doesn't mess up your combo.

For example, there are 3 companions and 1 character next to each other in a square formation. Should you risk messing up your combo to defeat the more important companion whom is next to a wall and another companion or should you go for the less important companion that you can make sure is defeated by hitting it diagonally without being able to hit the other companion. You need to focus on making sure a companion is defeated in this situation, not that the most important companion MIGHT be defeated. It doesn't matter if it's a useless companion, get rid of it before it increases the damage done to your companions. Even 1 less damage can decide the match's victor.

Those were my tips for Buccaneers who PvP. There will probably be better tips in the future though, so keep an eye out for them! I'm sorry if I didn't explain it very well or use the right words. Hopefully this helps decrease the mistakes made by Buccaneers in PvP.

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