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The baddie himself iMagician/EricTheBuck

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The baddie himself iMagician/EricTheBuck Empty The baddie himself iMagician/EricTheBuck

Post by EricDaDuck on Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:21 am

Okay, so i'm Eric (65 Bucc/Witch)
I was born in Brazil, and moved to Denmark after 5 years.
I've now lived here for 7 years, and hate it (lol)
I've always dreamed about getting on a vacation to
USA, which will come true in 2 years (School trip 'cuz i'm poor)
I started playing pirate101 2012 with a character called Reckless Quinn Dodger (A muter noob)
Where i quit after some time, due to not being able to purchase anything.
I later returned 2015, where i began playing it (Spent like over 200$ on it)

So that was my story lol.
Some of my friends call me a good player,
But i still consider myself DECENT (I make a lot of mistakes, for example forgetting to think)

Most people know me as the ''*** lord''

But that's up to YOU

I chose my name because of my dads ''Game Center'' (Some weird thing idk)

I am really Naive too, so just trick me already lol.
Not gonna make this thread too long, so i'll end it here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Mkay, the most *** lord and Baddie getting out
Mkay BYE

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