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A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber)

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A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber) Empty A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber)

Post by Voss on Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:22 pm

This is an older post of mine from central, it's a bit relic but I hope it'll be a decent foundation for the rest of the thread. (Kind of hoping this will get things active). This was written a while ago, and I'm editing it all pretty late at night so let me know if I missed anything else that was outdated/no longer applicable.

A Privateer “How-To” for 1v1(the needless input of a noob trying to help you adjust to a new meta)

I personally see Privateer as an immensely variable class with tons of undiscovered strategy/material. There’s a load of things to cover and I’d love to put my experience into presenting you all with some tips, tricks, and strategies to best utilize the class. I’ll try my best not to be all too dry, and avoid as much bias as possible. Enjoy!

Topics I’ll be covering; (Feel free to skip around)
Section 1- Companions
Section 1.5- A passionate rant about Ratbeard’s Epics
Section 2- Overlooked Powers & Logical usage
Section 3- Pets (brief)
Section 4- Melee vs Shield
Section 5- Gear
Section 6- Addressing the pros, cons, and controversy of the class
Section 7- Concluding Thoughts

1. Companions

At first look, there are a lot of options to choose from…
Privateers build their companions off of their strategies, not vice versa as most other classes do. (This is due to Privateer's ability to support & sustain their companions, which allows them to manipulate their abilities to full extent). I personally wouldn't use a low health companion (usually witchdoctor or swashbuckler based), because they will be extremely difficult to keep alive. In this meta, Privy really need their companions functioning in overdrive since the melee strat has lost some of its worth. Your best bet might be focusing on choosing the following in your companion's abilities:

-Counteracting the opponent's companions' epics (True Grit is what I'm primarily implying, Riposte contrasts the next point)
-Not having epics that can trigger a chain from the opponent's companions, ESPECIALLY melee. (First Strike, Riposte, Vengeance Strike, Flanking, etc). Melee is debatably the most common enemy type you'll encounter in PvP, and swashbucklers/bucks will emphasize on a miss/hit from your melee units.
-Having companions with high accuracy and health, that can take a few assassin's strikes, and be reliable with their damage output throughout the match. In other words, choose companions that can be tanked easily.
-Always have two units with at least Relen/Burst/Echo x2 (this applies generally to all classes)

So in other words. Nausica. Nausica, Nelly, Horse, Spammable charging noob, whatever ya wanna call her, have her there. Only halfway kidding, but you do you rockstar.

I’m not going to tell you how to set your companions, and there are plenty of guides out there for it, but here’s a few I strongly suggest having at ready;
Nausica , Bonnie Anne, Old Scratch (specifically for his buffs), Emmet, Egg Shen, Zang Cha, Goronado, El Toro (primarily for ranked), Baar, Marchioness, and of course Tonka (he’s pretty cute).

1.5. Ratbeard

You might notice I left out one very important companion, and that’s for a reason, because I think the guides out there have it wrong; Ratbeard.
Ever since fog became the most controversial and overpowered ability in the game, people have been throwing First Strike 3 on everything that moves, even muskets if they could. However, I’d like to say, Ratbeard simply doesn’t need it. Slap a Valor Shield and his Triton and welcome any incoming Melee units attempting to attack him. Ratbeard is a highly defensive, easily tankable companion, that is meant to take that hidden assassin for the team. However, giving him First Strike 3 is going to get him in a world of trouble as soon as he’s reduced and taking on a pesky Toro. I personally give Ratbeard:
Repel Borders x3, Hold the Line x2, Cheap Shot x3.
Let me explain Cheap Shot x3 before there’s a riot. When Cheap Shot reaches rank 3, it has the chance to immobilize enemies, just as Webs on a pet would work. I find it works about 75% of the time in my experience, which makes it worth it. As an added bonus, Cheap Shot, like Repel Borders, has increased accuracy over a regular attack, so as long as Rat has an accuracy buff, he’ll hit even when reduced. Repel x3 is widely known as far as I’m aware, but for those of you who haven’t heard, Repel Borders in the 3rd rank reduces accuracy, identical to Overwatch x3.
In conclusion, these epics enable Ratbeard to dispatch and survive any assault, without triggering any chains. Apologies for the harangue, but I felt this was a much needed explanation. :]

Now that I've laid out my personal criteria for a cohesive and effective team, I want to share a few nifty tricks I’ve picked up overtime that will help you contribute with your companions.

2. Overlooked Powers & Logical usage

Here’s a few of my favorite, easily executable power strats;

#1. Late game Focus Fire Assassin Strike-
It’s safe to say that whenever all of your companions are dead and you’re face to face with a swashbuckler, you’re not going to be all too willing to keep that card that you needed 4 turns ago; Focus Fire! When it comes down to it, Privy’s accuracy isn’t high enough with melee to beat out any other classes, and we certainly can’t dodge our way to victory. If you have an assassin’s strike on you, why not give it a little push?
Take as many steps as you can to boost up the damage on your assassin. Make sure you have ample blocking damage and health, as this is a 2 round process. Use your Assassin Strike on the enemy, and focus fire the next turn. In result, bleeding will deal up to 425 depending on your mojo. When it comes down to the line, squeezing in all the damage is key, and this is the perfect way. Overtime damage layered with Focus Fire could be used in team PvP or in earlier game as well. As a final tip, try boosting with a scratch buff to deal insane damage.

#2. A necessity in tanking; Tower of Iron Will-
Out of Forts, and mystified as how you’ll survive the next few rounds? No need to fear, Tower of Iron Will is here! Wow I’m a nerd……..
Tower of Iron Will decently reduces your opponent’s damage output, and whenever combined with Elusive, can give you the time needed to make a comeback. It can also be a great accompaniment when charging a barrage of overwatch.

#3. Dispatching a Nausica completely with Ratbeard (Read section 1.5 for info)-
A Nausica with one fort can be the demise of even the most experienced players in the game. Purge has often been seen as the only way to counter a Nausica charge, but even that is highly situational. The majority of Nausica charges involve only the Nausica being sent, and the perfect way to protect your companions from the initial charge, to the moment the Nausica dies, is Ratbeard. The process involves one Fort and Ratbeard. Simply, move your pirate and the two other companions behind pillars/out of range of Nausica, and have Ratbeard use his Agility/Accuracy reduction. This will insure he doesn’t take too much damage before you Fort him. Ratbeard must have Cheap Shot x3 for this strategy to work, and the purpose is to isolate the opponent’s Nausica and disable her from doing too much damage before her Forts wear out. If your opponent attempts to move his/her’s Nausica, it will be immobilized. In short, it is a method that is 90% effective and risks much less than purging, it can be easily reset round by round, and effortlessly manipulates one of the most infamous companions in the game.

#4. Mojo Flow (For being used outside of bomb spam)-
It’s bluntly obvious that Mojo Flow is not overlooked, however, I believe it could be put to use in many more ways. Most already are aware, but additional mojo will drastically boost Valor’s Armor, as well as Valor’s Rampart. Hence, Mojo Flow is often used earlier on in the game. However, I often see that one of the last companions alive is Old Scratch, because he himself, is often overlooked. My tip for Mojo Flow would be to save one of the powers for mid-end game for healing. One of the most vital parts of the survival of Privateers is heals, so why not emphasize upon them, considering you have 18 rounds of mojo to go through. Also, I just wanted to bring this power to light for those of you who haven’t been in a ranked PvP match with a Musket, Privy, Witch, or on the occasion, Buckler.

3. Pets

I cannot verbally emphasize how different your PvP experience will be with a viable pet. There are quite a few options to choose from, but most ideal for a Privy might be one that grants Rally, Soulreaver, Turn the Tide (TTT), group heals, or blocking damage. A perfect pet for a Privy, or pretty much any class would be one with Scent ⅔, Webs, and Sneaky Sneaky. There are many generous players in the community that often hatch with others, and I would strongly suggest Deathflame or any of those on the hatching page of central to improve the pedigree and quality of your pet.

4. Positioning/Vague Strategizing; Melee and Shield Privateers

I see that there are about 2 primary techniques when it comes down to fighting as a Privateer. Please note, I'm not implying these are the only two ways, nor the only two strategies, this is just about the general gear and positioning of the pirate and his/her's companions.

1. Defensive Privy/Shield Privy- Generally wand/staff (nefarious staff is most ideal). This strategy involves occupying the most space possible in order to counter an aggressive offense. Raise Barricades, scorpions, and/or Terra-Cotta Troupe are used to maximize effect in this position. The pirate and companions often huddle in the four corner spaces, making it an excellent counter to fog or a full-on highland charge. In conclusion, Shield Privy utilize buffs, careful placement, and mass amounts of heals and damage protection (enabled by Moo Manchu), to assure the survival of themselves and their companions. Key companion(s)- Ratbeard/Any companion with high health and Hold the Line, Musketeers with Overwatch.

2. Melee Privy- Originating at the level 50 cap, almost all memorable Privy were Melee, generally carrying in between two and four assassins. The most ideal weapon for a Melee Privy would be the Sea Sheller, dealing exponential damage and allowing Privateers to rush with their companions. Melee Privy are generally associated with Buccaneer companions, but more recently Swashbucklers are becoming more and more integrated due to their high mobility. Melee Privy normally buff quickly and charge to deal a high amount of damage within the third round. First Strike x3 companions become more ideal for the Melee Privy than shield Privy; this is because of shield Privy prepping in time for charges/delaying them while Melee Privy charge themselves or reverse a charge (Primarily referring to Black Fog). In conclusion, Melee Privy sustain their companions by sharing the damage intake and supporting the companions directly. Key companion(s)- First Strike x3 companions, High damage output companions.

5. Gear

Since the release of the Tower of Moo Manchu, Privateers alike have practically been given a source for exceptional gear that requires little to no farming to acquire. However, there are a few gear pieces that can make your setup truly unique.

1.Sprocket Key (Purge)- A beloved team PvP item by all, and useful in 1v1 for those who know when it is most appropriate to use. Dropped by Bishop in Marleybone.
2.Differed eyepatches- Diskylos & Zeena drop a Big Guns and Mournsong patch that really stand out compared to the standard Levy patch or Soul Shroud. (Although if you have Soul Shroud, you should probably use it).
3.Shosho’s Kit (Fort Robe) at Governor Nakamura’s in Mooshu (there is another drop location, but it has to this day, not been leaked to the community by the Privy who know).
4.Melee Privy necessities

-Assassin charm at Rooke
-Vicious totem at Mechanic’s Lab
-Assassin hat at Cadmus/Diskylos
-Assassin ring at Zeena/Diskylos
-Vicious robe at Bishop
-Assassin robe at Cadmus/Diskylos

6. Pros, Cons, and Controversy

As far as the level 50 cap goes, Privateers absolutely dominated the P101 PvP scene, 10 round stackable Espirit and Zeal made them utterly unstoppable, with serious critical boosts to boot. However, every update prior seemed to limit Privateers more and more, up until the much awaited arrival of ranked PvP. Privateers and Witches bottom tiered for almost the entire first season of ranked, relying on Moo Robe for any hope in close quarters vs Highland or Fog. Hope for Privateers was dim until the arrival of the new and improved Emmet & Scratch, which provided Privateers with the boost they needed for general PvP. The most noticeable con of the Privateer is inability to attack or defend without 2-3 rounds of buff prepping because of how necessary it is that their companions be maintained. Privateers easily have the lowest damage output of any class, and without the proper companions and gear, are generally bested by other classes due to their ability to deal high damage. However, a smart player with sufficient gear and companions can completely turn the tables on their opponent. The Tower of Moo Manchu has allowed Privateers to bring 3-4 revives easily, and 4-5 Forts. Privateers can outheal nearly any amount of damage dealt and can sustain themselves longer and with more ease than any other class.

7. Concluding Thoughts

Privateer is an intricate class that requires much depth and creativity from the player. Strategies are open to interpretation and can be expressed through differing gear, companions, power alignment, etc. Privy 1v1 can be difficult at first, but just remember to persevere and contribute. I’d like to personally thank Tarlac Urswick, Disloyal Brand, and Sierra for being fabulous human beings and helping me get my Privateer to where it is today.

I know this was a tad lengthy, but thank you so much for sticking all the way through. I hope that my input was able to help out a bit, and make sure to have a fantastic day.



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A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber) Empty Re: A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber)

Post by Edward Teach on Fri Mar 11, 2016 6:24 pm

Thanks for sharing this. I know how to set rat beard now.
Edward Teach
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A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber) Empty Re: A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber)

Post by EricDaDuck on Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:11 pm

Thanks for this guide! Now i think i can finish up my Privateer!

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A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber) Empty Re: A Privateer's Guide to 1v1 (Spar Chamber)

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