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Tournament General Rules

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Tournament General Rules Empty Tournament General Rules

Post by Orange on Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:35 pm

By joining a tournament/event hosted by Spiral Showdown you are hereby agreeing to the following rules, violation of any of the following rules may lead to disqualifications, temporary or on multiple offenses, PERMANENT ban from joining future and current tournaments/events.

General Rules
1. You must use the same Pirate/Class throughout the entire tournament unless the tournament/events rules state otherwise
2. You may only use 1 SpiralShowdown account per a tournament (Shouldn't have more then 1)
3. No bracket manipulation (Giving wins to players without a reason)
4. You may not use another players account, being caught doing this is bannable (No Questions asked, this is against the games ToS)

Tournament Rules
1. You have 15 minutes to go to the specified realm at the specified time for the tournament. Not showing up will be counted as a No Show and you will be disqualified (DQ)
2. Every match will be best of 1 excluding the finals which will be a best of 3.
3. The winner of the tournaments opponent for Semi's will be given 3rd place, while if there is a difference in crowns/prizes for 3rd/4th place there will be a match that'll be best of 3 to decide the rankings.
4. Tournament staff have the final say in any situation, arguing with them may lead you to gain a temporary suspension from tournaments. YOU MUST RESPECT THE HIGHER UPS!
5. All matches must be completed in the Sparring Chamber unless stated otherwise in the rules.
6. All Doubloons are BANNED!
7. (2v2 only) Each team may only consist of 1 class each (No double classing)
8. Color Swapping:
R1: Whoever steps on there preferred color first gets to keep that color, you may not change any gear/pets once you step on the sigil or you will have to let your opponent pick the color they want to use for R1.
R2: Swap
R3: Loser of R1 decides which color they want.

Special Power Rules
1. You may only stack 2 of the following powers at any given time:
Triton Song, Valor's Shield, Valor's Absorb, Kraken's Lament, Leviathan's Call, Valor's Fortress.
3. The Power 'Angry Orchard' (from the Fall Champion's Weapons) is BANNED! You may use the Fall Champion Weapon but not the power.
4. (2v2-4v4 ONLY) Grizzly Beast Banner is BANNED!
5. The Imperial Robe of Moo Manchu is limited to 1 per a team in 2v2/3v3 and 2 per a team in 4v4
6. (Team PvP Applied Only AKA 2v2-4v4) When under the power "Black Fog" ONLY are you limited to having 1 shield on at a time.
- You may still place 2 of the limited protection buffs on at a time if you're under Walk in Darkness/Walk in Shadows
7. (Team PvP Only) ALL BANNERS are banned from being used
-You may have the banner equipped for the stats but you may not use the power it gives.
8. Old Scratch is allowed in 1v1 but his "Flow Mojo, Flow!" and "Mo Mojo Flow" powers (+50%&+100% Spooky Increase Powers) are BANNED.
-You may still use Scratch and his +25% Spell Power increase, Jobu's Breath and Cadaver's Chanty powers though.
9. Grizzly Beast Banner is BANNED from all forms of pvp (1v1-4v4) of all stars (0-3)

Special Companion Rules
1. Nausica's 'Centaur Charge' is BANNED in all forms of tournaments (1v1-4v4)
2. Old Scratch is BANNED in 2v2-4v4]
3. Ghor is limited to 2 per a team in 3v3-4v4

That's it everybody! Good luck with your future tournaments!

4. Nausica is limited to 1 per a team in 2v2/3v3 and 2 per a team in 4v4

Gear Changing
To clarify this, you may change your gear between rounds/matches (If in the finals) but once you step on the sigil you have locked your gear in. You may leave the sigil to change your gear but you're forfeiting the color choice to your opponent regardless if it's your turn for the color picking.

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Tournament General Rules Empty Suggested rules for When someone losses connection

Post by Edward Teach on Sat Feb 27, 2016 9:43 am

Hi there.

I think it would also be fair to add some rules for when someone losses connection. I think players should be able to rematch if their connection is lost. If they had to prove that their connection was indeed lost, they could simply send a screen shot. I think it is also important to make a rule limiting the number of rematches. I suggest 2 rematches in the entire tournament for each player or team. The rematches would only be used for when someone loses connection.

-Thanks for reading. :-)
Edward Teach
Edward Teach

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