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Site Rules Empty Site Rules

Post by Orange on Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:11 pm

Welcome to SpiralShowdown a fan hosted tournament website!

This site offers multitude of opportunities for casual/hardcore Pirate101 PvP Players as followed
*Weekly PvP Tournaments
*Crown/Bundle Prizes
*PvP Experience
*Great New Community
*Sharing PvP Videos/Guides with other members
and much more!

Don't feel afraid to join today! But there are some rules we should cover before you start posting/replying on the forums. These rules were made for not only for the site but for you! We want to keep you safe! Breaking any of these rules may lead to disabling of your accounts permission to post, join tournaments, etc. There set to make sure you won't lose your account to a scammer, get banned IG or ruin anyone else fun!

1. No giving out personal information such as, but not limited to: IP Address', Personal/Others Address', Account Information, Phone Numbers and your IRL Family Name (Privacy protection).

2. No double posting: It's just annoying and we get it if it's an accident but if you're continuously doing it you're not learning from your mistakes. Please refrain from double posting if possible, use the 'edit' button and if it's not available in the thread/forum section message me personally so I can update/fix the issue! Smile

3. Multiple Accounts: One account per an IP Address, making multiple accounts is a bannable offense! If you have other members in your household interested in making an account please contact me personally so we can gather evidence to verify this claim.

4. Do not back talk/disrespect staff! Staff are also players just like you! They have emotions, lives, commitments, etc! Yes they may have added this to there list of commitments but that's out of there own spare time for free, so please be respectful to them. If any of them are abusing there powers/being disrespectful themselves message me or a higher up immediately to resolve the issue!

5. Do not be disrespectful to other Members: Just like you, they're also here to participate in fun community hosted tournaments or to share with you there experience in the game, so, don't be rude to them! Treat others how you want to be treated! Hasn't anyone ever taught you that? If not, learn it right now!

By posting on the forums or joining a tournament/event you're agreeing to these rules and must obey them! Breaking any of the following rules will lead to possible mutes, disabling or a complete IP Ban from our site! Don't make us do it, we don't want too!

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