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Bruno Maxwell

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Bruno Maxwell Empty Bruno Maxwell

Post by RuthlessBruno on Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:12 pm

OK first of, Hello friends! and Lucas Evil or Very Mad  you can obviously tell by the title of this thread who I am but if you cant ill say it again, I am Bruno  Very Happy . So you would like to know more about me eh?  Laughing  Well I was born in a small (well not so small, lets go with middle sized galaxy far far far away lol jk) country in Eastern Africa called Kenya, I moved to America around 3 years ago where I learned about the game wizard 101 from a TV commercial (yes a commercial  Shocked ). After checking the game out for a while I learned about Pirate101 and grew interested in it so decided to give it a try Very Happy. And the journey continues!

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