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I'ts the BiG BaD WoLFY

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I'ts the BiG BaD WoLFY Empty I'ts the BiG BaD WoLFY

Post by BiG BaD WoLFY on Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:49 am

Hello everyone and welcome to the bestest sight ever!!! I'm Wolf, my friends call me Wolf (or Wolfy) so you can call me whichever you want Wink . I've been playing pirates since it launched back in 2012, started on the pvp scene when I maxed my Swashbuckler, Noble Wolf Hawkins, after the MB/AQ update. I've been fairly active in the pirate pvp community, having a few tournaments under my belt as well as pair or 2 of shiny sabres that only the elite wield. I also have a maxed musket, same name (Noble Wolf Hawkins). I love dueling and the ART of pvp, but even more I love watching others have a good time and bond playing a great game known as Pirate101.

But in all seriousness guys, we're all here to have fun! I'm also a fellow Showdown Master so any questions comments concerns or things of the sort that you might have, I'm just a message away! Always willing to help out where I can to make dueling feel less competitive and more fun. We play games like P101 for fun anyway, yes?

Again a warm welcome to everyone and hoping you all have yourselves a BLAST!!! (or good time, whichever floats your boat)

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