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What are your ideas for our tournaments!

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What are your ideas for our tournaments! Empty What are your ideas for our tournaments!

Post by Lucas Kidd on Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:33 am

I noticed during our 2nd 1v1 Tournament, a lot of people had different opinions about what should be banned, and what should be allowed. Now, with all the confusion I'm sure it was missed, but Jeremy and myself stated that if anybody has problems with the rules in these tournaments, make a thread in this section. So, I've decided to start off the discussion of what should/shouldn't be banned! We want everyone to have a say in this so feel free to reply with your ideas, opinions, or anything you want to be changed about the tournaments. If you feel like the tournaments are good and balanced, then feel free to say so, we want EVERYONE'S opinion here!

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Lucas Kidd
Lucas Kidd
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