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How to create/find your play style

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How to create/find your play style  Empty How to create/find your play style

Post by Orange on Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:02 pm

Pirate101 PvP is unique in the sense that every class comes with multiple different approaches to it, some being more defensive while others offensive, also hybrid builds, etc. With such diversity in class' you're probably wondering "Well where do I start?". Well today I'll be giving you a break down on where to begin with a general synopses of each class including, there 'Key Powers', Pros/Cons and staples (Must haves)

Musketeer - Musketeer is pretty straight forward, they're there to abuse there bombs for massive amounts of damage while always keeping that 6 range on them, they lay traps down to punish/discourage opponents from rushing them, etc.

Pros - Great damage having both Physical (Trick shots) and Spell (Bombs) based damage to use. Has insane board control with traps influencing your opponents moves or punishing them.

Cons - Nausica/Wild Bill once you create a solid counter to any class' play style mixed with these 2 in mind you'll find yourself being quiet successful

Ideas -
Hybrid Melee Musketeer is pretty new but is still amazingly good. Since the bombs have 6 range no matter what you can still play defensive but also have the ability to rush your opponent more consistently.

Defensive Musket is the more commonly known strategy they usually use Swivel Gun/Champ Weapon to gain an extra bomb or have an extra power, damage, agility and 1 range but you always need to have Tower Hat+Totem for the extra bombs to keep up damage in this meta. You also need to choose between Purge or just out right killing Nausica as fast as possible by bringing your own and charging her with a fort on before the enemy has a chance to. If you decide to not opt for Purge you can bring Scratch for extra damage and save the charm slot for an additional fort, you normally will need to bring 2 forts, 1 absorb or the other way around with #'s

Privateer - Musketeer is an amazing example of a diverse class, while Hybrid Melee Musket is an unpopular trend it isn't anything old to see a nice cut in half between people bringing a Staffy or Melee Privy. This class has amazing diversity with already having 1 fort/absorb from being there own class but also the best tower gear allowing them to bring more forts/absorbs. You'll usually end up relying on withering away/killing your opponent through big gun spam (possibly w/ scratch if you're staff privy) or minion controlling then rapping up the game with a mix of shroud tanking into Assassin Strikes.

Pros - Higher HP Max IG, Very Tanky, Diverse, AoE's, etc
Cons - Can run out of steam late game, Can be punished if you over extend on a unit, etc

Ideas -
Melee Privateer is the OG set you could say. They usually consist of having 3 Assassins then the rest of the gear being Towers+Big Guns/Revive, the best set is with the Fall Champion weapon to have trees and will almost always rely on winning late game

Staffy Privy is becoming the more popular choice with the Nefarious Staff and Banner to tank out your opponent and rely on your companions/minions to wither your opponent away. This only became more powerful now that Scratch is an option to make Big Gun spamming a major threat which can take multiple teams down to half health easily.

Staples - Nausica is an amazing staple for this class while not MUST HAVE it would truly improve your win rate in all scenarios due to the fact that you have so much control potential with all your forts anyway having a companion who can create such amazing tempo and pressure with this is an amazing choice

Soul Shroud in both of these sets you rely on either end game or surviving a lot of damage from your opponents tempo plays and this item fits that perfectly!

Buccaneer - Buck is a very straight forward class not being as diverse as the last 2 nor as diverse as the class following them. They're almost always going to be using the Follow Through Axe or one of the Champion Weapons. You have to rely on increasing your chance to chain with bladestorms and relentless'.

Pros - Amazing DPS, Massive Bulk, Stun, Reduce Accuracy, Tempo Powers (E.g. Highlands Charge)
Cons - No AoE's other then Frenzy/Bladestorm

Now while some could argue Hybrid Buck is a thing it isn't as 'viable' as it was back in the Moo Meta, now a days you're forced to choose between being either A) a tanky Buck who withers away there enemy through Trees/Surviving with Forts+Levy's and revives, etc. Or just straight up DPS with 2-3 Assassins, big fast hard hitting Companions.

Staples - Goronado/Temujin you will find yourself almost ALWAYS having to need one of these. Now while it's optional which one you choose they're way better then Barnabus being the slot to fill them in. Toro/Nausica does well for the support slot but I would highly suggest Toro over Nausica even if you have her because it should help keep you up with Bucklers or punish Bucklers who don't bring Toro.

Swashbuckler - Buckler is a very squishy DPS class that while they're suppose to 'dodge' they actually don't dodge as much as you would expect so you have to keep that in mind when playing them that unless you're in Elusive 3 you're almost never going to dodge if the opponent doesn't have a reduce acc on him/her they do have the amazing Black Fog power though and a way to lock down games with Assassin's Shroud

Pros - Black Fog, Hiddens in general, amazing DPS, Poisons to get around Levy/Curse to lock down late game, etc
Cons - Squishy, horrible dodge for a dodge based class

Ideas -
Hybrid Melee is an amazing choice that multiple Bucklers have tried since ranked pvp has become a thing. With Burst Fire and Relentless you can improve your play style with chaining these epics together. You can also use reduce dodge quick shots to lock down games vs all class' to negate Elusive all together and even get an advantage in the chain war in class vs class

Control Buckler
A more standard set that relies on Curse to lock down and kill companions quickly, Fog is used in a means to beat other companions quickly and control the board almost immediately.

DPS Buckler
The straight forward Buckler who will bring almost everything identical to Control Buckler besides possibly an extra piece of tower gear/fort and will go straight for killing everything as quick as possible and sometimes will go straight for your pirate even around a fort knowing they usually throw everything out in one go. They will curse you early game just to gain major tempo, etc.

Staples - Fort Boots+Eye Patch is a MUST 2 forts in this meta is like the unspoken code normally so it's nothing new to want these. You also will normally bring Fan Goro Nausica/Toro Fan Nausica/Toro Goro Nausica depending on your play style. Normally DPS goes after the 1st set, control the 2nd/3rd and Hybrid having a more of a personal preference for there choice on any of these.

Witchdoctor - Witchdoctor is straight up a control class, you're not looking for early game wins, massive damage, etc. You're looking for a way to remove any threats off the field as fast as possible and set the late game up. They will always use Nefarious Staff or Fall Champion Weapon as the minions presence on the field just help control the board so much better.

Pros - Reduce Mojo spells, Drains vs Minions/Late game, AoE's, Companion Improvement spells, slows, etc
Cons - Squishy, Dodgeless, Relies on powers/control not a DPS class

Ideas -
Control Witchdoctor is a pretty common set due to the fact that it's the one that doesn't require the Fall Champion weapon but this style relies on using the Nefarious Staff scorpions to just completely control any team that brings trees, or just brings squishy companions. They will fill the board and make movement paths a lot more difficult punishing anyone who runs through them with Cheap Shots, mixed with Banner for massive presence, etc.

Minion Witchdoctor is the next set that relies 100% on there minions mixed with Scratch to damage with there Witch. They're looking for those rare moments to spike damage and OHKO something on the board as well as relying on Trees criticals and HTL to apply pressure and suppress the enemy.

Staples - Soul Shroud is a MUST for these 2 sets, they just help create a bit more survive ability for such a squishy class they are already and with Scratch being another staple and there already un-normally high Spooky there Shroud will be a lot more powerful then any other class that brings it even if they have Spooky 2.

Teams - Control Witch Toro Scratch Nausica/Minion Witch Toro Scratch Baar

Hopefully this helps you decide on the route you want to go with your class or helps you understand some of the common/popular sets currently being used in the meta at this time so you can prepare for them.

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