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Alphastaire Introduction

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Alphastaire Introduction Empty Alphastaire Introduction

Post by Alphastaire on Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:51 am

Hello everyone! My name is Alphastaire, some of you may recognize that name from TLOPO as I have an alpha key (got my name from a group). I have recently been getting into P101 a lot more than usual, however, I've lost my membership and can't get better gear as of the moment. I hope to win some tournaments or win a P101Central contest so I can buy areas with crowns that drop gear I need and get Goronado since he's a beast. I'll put some more general things about me below.

Favorite Spiral World: Polaris

Favorite Classes: Buccaneer and Myth (I've also lost my W101 membership.)

Hobbies: Video Games, Reading books, P101Central Roleplay forum, etc.

Favorite Companion: Peter Quint (I just call him "Pete".)

Other similar games I play:
The Legend of Pirates Online, Elder Scrolls Online, Wizard101, etc.

I can't wait to meet more of the PVP community on here! See you guys later!

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